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Dec. 18 2015

Radio Clocks and Clock Radios

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Radio Clocks and Clock Radios Here we see a Philco Model A radio-clock circa 1931. This device acts as a 24 hour timer, and was used to turn a radio on and off at pre- set times. There are knobs on the left and right sides to set on and off times, along with an […]

Aug. 15 2015

Bob’s Radio Gallery #8

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This Zenith 6D030’s cabinetry was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, most known for their mid-century furniture designs, such as the Eames Chair.  Their designs utilized a process for making compound bends in plywood, which resulted in stylish products at a time when the industry was still suffering from wartime material shortages.  This Zenith radio […]

Feb. 08 2015

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery

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RCA “Smoker’s Radio” This RCA AM table radio has the unique feature of a built in cigarette lighter! (click any image to view full-sized.)   It’s nothing high-tech, even by 1956 standards, but a standard cigarette lighter as would be found on the dashboard of any automobile of that time.   When found, the lighter element […]

Dec. 17 2014

Another installment of Bob’s Radio Gallery

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The Vogue Radio-Mike was the forerunner to the Mister Microphone and other devices that enabled the user to become a home broadcaster. You could amaze and mystify your friends by broadcasting your own voice over your own radio. It was sold by mail-order through ads that appeared in magazines, such as Popular Mechanics. This unit […]

Oct. 10 2014


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This radio is a GLF model F-770, circa 1948.  GLF stands for Grange League Federation, which was a farmer’s co-op in upstate New York.  In the late forties, the Grange League Federation founded six FM stations in upstate New York and formed the Rural Radio Network to serve farming communities.   They marketed these well-built 10 […]

Aug. 09 2014

WBJC Host Appearances at the Baltimore Summer Antique Show

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WBJC hosts will be at the 34th annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show! Stop by the WBJC Booth and say hello, chat with your favorite host, and enter a contest while you’re there! Thursday 8/21: Mark Malinowski – noon to 3pm Dyana Neal – 3pm to 6pm Kati Harrison – 6pm to 8pm Friday 8/22: Judith Krummeck – […]

Mar. 09 2014

Pet a cat to beat stress

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  Wow, who knew I could let people pet my cat to reduce stress and rake in the dough! I’m in the wrong business LOL! Here’s a link should the embedded video player not work for you:,32068,104576135001_2000212,00.html

Dec. 19 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery – Winter Edition!

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  This beautiful radio is The Auditron Single Channel FM Radio, with the original box!   This radio does not have a tuning control. It is set to receive a single station. The knob below the phony dial is merely a fine-tuning control. This one came factory tuned to WFLN-FM, the now defunct Philadelphia classical […]

Sep. 16 2013

Play+work=plork & plorkology

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The University of Baltimore’s new imprint, Plork Press, is excited to launch its first publication on October 3rd. It’s an anthology of stories, poems and essays, and each of the 150 copies is entirely hand made from start to finish. What is “plork” you may ask. Project leader, Meredith Purvis, explains …  

Aug. 09 2013

Stereo, but in a different way

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This late nineteen-fifties Emerson model 908 table radio received stereo broadcasts  years before the current FM multiplex stereo standard was adopted.  Some AM&FM broadcast stations were starting to experiment with stereo broadcasting by  using their AM signal for the left channel and their FM for the right, or vice-versa. This radio allows you to listen […]