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Feb. 08 2015

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery

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RCA “Smoker’s Radio”

This RCA AM table radio has the unique feature of a built in cigarette lighter!

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It’s nothing high-tech, even by 1956 standards, but a standard cigarette lighter as would be found on the dashboard of any automobile of that time.   When found, the lighter element was missing from the radio and there were questions regarding the purpose of the hole on top of the cabinet.  I asked to borrow the cigarette lighter element out of the seller’s 1980-something car.  It was a perfect fit and its purpose was confirmed!

Later when I got the set home, I noticed a sticker on the bottom stating the wattage consumed when in the lighter mode. I tried the lighter and it does heat up, but it appears that the lighter socket voltage is not rectified.  Too bad, it would make a great port for a phone charger.

The radio does have a phono input on the side to plug in the optional RCA 45 rpm player.  Oddly enough for a “smoker’s radio”, there is little to no nicotine discoloration on the cabinet.

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