Mark Malinowski

Mark Malinowski

Morning Host, Mark Malinowski enjoys video games, especially the “Sword and Sorcery” fantasy games, plays the piano very poorly and writes bad poetry. He prefers his fish fried.

Hello, my name is Mark Malinowski. I am glad to be in Baltimore, and very proud to be associated with WBJC. I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, and was studying music at Wayne State University there when I received a number 20 in the draft lottery, bringing about a change in career. My interest in radio began in the Navy, where I served as a broadcast journalist with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. I have also been a newspaper editor, still and motion picture photographer, Public Affairs Officer, and a Command Master Chief. I retired in August 1998 after 26 years of service. My Last assignment was as Public Affairs Officer at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas. While there, I also worked at KEDT-FM in Corpus Christi as an announcer, Operations Director and Program Director.

I enjoy reading, do a bit of writing, and will hopefully finish one of the novels I have started. I’m also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and enjoy a good game of chess.

I thank you for listening and look forward to waking up with you.

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