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Our regular schedule of music, listed by date.


First Friday of each month at 5:15 PM
& First Saturday of the month at 10 AM
on-demand listening

Join Judith Krummeck for an interview series on WBJC devoted to the world of books — from different genres, to book awards, to local and national authors — everything to do with books.

Face the Music

Saturdays @ 5pm

A panel of guests join Jonathan Palevsky to review newly released and reissued recordings. The performers’ identities remain a secret until after the guests have made their comments.

Music From Movies

Sundays @ 7pm

Music can make a good film truly Great. Join Kati Harrison at the movies Sundays at 7pm. Kati will present a variety of music used in films and discuss the history and effects of music on both the films and our popular culture.

Music in Maryland

Saturdays @ 6pm

Jonathan Palevsky presents live performances from some of Maryland’s finest classical ensembles.


Sundays @ 6pm

Join Mark Malinowski for “Toccata,” a weekly trip through the world of keyboard music. Keyboard music comes in many forms, and whether it’s piano, harpsichord, organ, or even accordion, it will find its way on the program.


Saturdays @ 8pm

Kati Harrison celebrates the voice in a variety of classical music genres: opera, choral works, & art songs.

WBJC Choral Hour

Sundays @ 8am

Though ancient in tradition, choral music is alive and transcendent now more than ever. Whether it’s choral music by Palestrina, Bach, Mozart or Rutter, there’s something for everyone. Join Kati Harrison for some of the greatest music ever written, every Sunday morning from 8:00 to 9:00.

WBJC Evening Concert Performance

Mondays-Thursdays @ 11pm

No need to travel! Each weeknight, join WBJC for a concert performance recorded live and brought directly to you. The New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Deutche Welle Festival, and Cleveland Orchestra are among some of our line-up.

WBJC Listener’s Choice

Fridays @ 8pm

Kati Harrison takes your requests until Friday 10am! If it’s classical and in our library, it’s fair game. Use the Contact Us form (select Listener’s Choice), email directly to ListenersChoice@wbjc.com or send your requests via Facebook.

WBJC Operafest

Saturdays @ 1pm

WBJC brings you full operas year-round, including the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago and The Houston Grand Opera.

WBJC Opera Preview

Saturdays @ 12:30pm

Jonathan Palevsky shares his passion for opera – the music, the stories, & the performers – with you. What a great way to get ready for WBJC’s weekly opera broadcast!

Word on Wine

Monday 7:45 am
& Thursday 6:15 pm
on-demand listening

Mary Zajac and Jonathan Palevsky present WBJC’s community wine show. Word on Wine covers all kinds of wine-related topics: serving and pairing wines, varietals, industry trends, & more! Mary & Jonathan also review wines to help you get an idea of what to look for when you head out to the market.

Music Through the Night

Weeknights 1am-5am, Weekends 9pm-7am

Our overnight programming is listed on Classical 24’s website.  Please note, the times are in Central, so subtract an hour!