Kati Harrison

Kati Harrison

Weekend Host and Operations Director, Kati Harrison is a Perfume Jedi Master and lover of horses

“It was the ultimate in alternative life-styles.”

This is how Kati Harrison describes her childhood and early teenage years. Kati was born in Mexico and grew up on her father’s two ranches. She was home-schooled until the age of fifteen when her family moved permanently to the United States. Kati is grateful for having been raised in two countries where she was exposed to different cultures and afforded the ability to speak two languages fluently.

Kati says that if she had to call a place home, besides Mexico, it would probably be Corpus Christi, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University there where she studied Psychology, Philosophy and then got her BA in Theater and Communications. Theater led Kati into acting , singing and finally radio. Her radio career began at KEDT-FM in Corpus Christi over 9 years ago where she became Music Director and hosted classical music in the afternoon. She also produced and hosted a Latin music program, Musica Suave, which she developed out of her love for Mexican folk music and Cuban dance music.

Kati’s passion for music began early with her parents sitting her down in front of a stereo instead of the TV. There, she was exposed to the music of J.S. Bach, Beethoven and the Blue grass sounds of Bill Monroe. Kati describes herself as a “Music Pusher.” As an infant her first three words were: “Listen to this!” So, radio was a natural choice.

Besides music and radio, one of Kati’s first loves has been riding horses and teaching people to ride. In another life she rode seriously, training horses and teaching riding students Dressage and jumping.

In the past year Kati’s motto has been: “Be careful what you wish for, especially if you use the word “abundance.” A year and a half ago, realizing that it was time to move on, Kati was given a great job in Phoenix, Arizona as an announcer for KBAQ Public Radio. Eight months later the opportunity came about for her to work at WBJC as Operations Director and Music Producer. Living on the East Coast, near water again, was a dream come true. And the opportunity to explore the operations side of radio while still doing what she loves best, playing classical music for people on the radio, were hard to pass up. “Music and radio have played a huge role in my life. The notion that I could give back some of what I have been given is very powerful.” Kati’s newest motto is: “Abundance is a good Thing.”

Kati can be reached at kharrison@bccc.edu

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