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Judith Krummeck has been WBJC’s evening drive-time host since 1998. Before immigrating to the United States, she was the arts editor for SAfm at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, where she also presented live symphony concerts for SABC-TV. Judith was given the Praise Singer Award for her arts programming from South Africa’s Foundation for the Creative Arts, and she has twice been named Baltimore’s Best by Baltimore Magazine. Judith was a drama and history of art major at the University of Cape Town, and she was a professional actor in Cape Town before turning to broadcasting. She also holds a history of music qualification from the University of South Africa and an  MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. She is the author of Beyond the Baobab, a collection of essays about her immigrant experience. Her biographical memoir, Old New Worlds, which intertwines her immigrant story with that of her great-great-grandmother, was a finalist in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards.  As a teacher, Judith has lectured at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and for the Odyssey and Osher programs at Johns Hopkins University. Judith lives in Baltimore City with her husband, Douglas Blackstone, a musician and attorney.

Judith can be reached at jkrummeck@bccc.edu

You can link to Judith’s website here: http://judithkrummeck.com


Judith’s Articles:

Music is Life
The Food of Love

Different Eyes and Ears
“In sweet music is such art…”

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