Student Composer of the Month

Student Composer of the Month is a podcast series in which John Scherch talks with a composer who is either currently studying or has recently studied in the Baltimore area. Conversations range from talks about background information to the composition process to performance experiences ranging from the high-profile to the odd one-off. You’ll also get to listen to some of their works during the conversation, or there will be links to listen to, and sometimes read, the music.

If you are a composer or you know a composer who you think should be on the show, send John an email at

November 2018: Frances Pollock

October 2018: Quinn Dizon

September 2018: Daniel Sabzghabaei

July 2018: Peter Dayton

June 2018: Steven Crino

May 2018: Elliott Grabill

April 2018: Nicholas Bentz