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If you’ve tuned in lately to a non-symphony or Met broadcast and you’ve heard a voice you didn’t recognize, it is likely that you heard me. I’m John T.K. Scherch, the new guy, the freshman, or whichever other nickname(s) my colleagues or our dear listeners decide to give me. I also understand I’m the first new voice on the air in 20 years. However you’d like to refer to it, I’m ecstatic to be part of this radio station. If you question this due to my lack of exclamation points, you and my fiancée can have a conversation about how I’m not fazed by anything, but I assure you, I find it so cool to be able to play the greatest music ever written for a wide audience on a daily basis.

I got my start in radio at WWVU-FM, or as everyone refers to it, U92, the college radio station at West Virginia University and the national college radio station of the year for the past two years running (as of 2017). I directed the heavy metal program for three years and the classical program for two years, which I’m particularly proud of as I brought the show out of its previous hangover time slot into weekend primetime and got the WVU School of Music to allow us to broadcast student recitals.

I came to Baltimore in 2015 to get my Master’s in voice and pedagogy at Peabody Conservatory, finished it in May 2017, and I continue to attempt to make them proud as I still perform and teach. I sing with Concert Artists of Baltimore (so I get a front-row seat to all of my boss’s funny speeches), Old St. Paul’s Church, and various other occasional opera and concert outfits. I teach private voice lessons at home and give clinics on vocal technique for high school choirs.

Off air, I like riding my bike, going to shows, scotch, mezcal, skiing, and old-school video games. I also host the Student Composer of the Month podcast, presenting young professional composers who study or have recently studied in the greater Baltimore area.

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