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Dec. 19 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery – Winter Edition!

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wouldn’t this photo make a great Christmas card?


This beautiful radio is The Auditron Single Channel FM Radio, with the original box!


This radio does not have a tuning control. It is set to receive a single station. The knob below the phony dial is merely a fine-tuning control.
This one came factory tuned to WFLN-FM, the now defunct Philadelphia classical music station.


I’ve heard of similar radios being distributed by radio stations to merchants to ensure that their station was played in stores, but apparently this one was offered to the general public.  According to Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia, WFLN-FM sold these radios through the station for twenty dollars.

another glamour shot, with box

another glamour shot, with box

The Auditron Unichannel radio came out in 1962.   This particular radio came with its original box , indicating a shipping date of August 1969.  It probably received use up until the factory-set station changed format and was then put back in the box.

This five tube radio plays very nicely and didn’t take much internal tweaking to set to  WBJC.

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