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Dec. 17 2014

Another installment of Bob’s Radio Gallery

By WBJC Programming | Posted in Staff Blogs | 2 Comments

IMG_20141217_120519The Vogue Radio-Mike was the forerunner to the Mister Microphone and other devices that enabled the user to become a home broadcaster. You could amaze and mystify your friends by broadcasting your own voice over your own radio.

It was sold by mail-order through ads that appeared in magazines, such as Popular Mechanics.

This unit dates from the mid nineteen-thirties and has the original box and instructions. The instructions tell you to hook this little microphone to the detector tube on your radio. I wonder how many of the users were able to properly identify the detector tube on their radio and how many got knocked across the room!


Click any of the photos to enlarge them.


Do you have an antique radio with a story? Email it to us and we’ll post it here and in the next WBJC eNewsletter. You can send them to membership@wbjc.com and Diana Ross will get them posted.



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2 Responses to Another installment of Bob’s Radio Gallery

  • Stan Modjesky says:

    Interesting. Presumably a carbon-button mic element, since that would have been a little early for “crystal” microphones. When I think of all the AC/DC radios around in those days where the chassis was hot, I almost have to laugh. That toy would have a product-liability lawyer rubbing his hands in glee!

    Just out of curiosity, what was the connection method? bare leads or alligator clips?

    • Diana Ross
      Diana Ross says:

      Bob will probably be along soon with more details, but when I snapped the pictures for him I saw only bare leads. The instructions say to wrap the wire around the included spring terminal clips and then attach to the tube prongs. There weren’t any spring clips in the box. We’ll see if Bob has more info!

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