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Jul. 08 2013

Meet Kati, Jonathan and the WBJC Booth, this Friday!

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On Friday July 12th, Jonathan Palevsky and Kati Harrison will be in the lobby of the Meyerhoff before the BSO’s Masters of Baroque concert at 7:30pm. Stop by and say Hi!   Also, stay tuned for another Booth Appearance announcement very soon!

Apr. 07 2013

The more the merrier

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For the longest time, I have been wanting to go down to hear the National Symphony Orchestra in the District. I’ve heard them once before, but that was when I had just flown into Dulles from a trip to Africa and I was so stupefied by jetlag that while my two companions – the late […]

Feb. 19 2013

That elusive quality

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Stage presence is such an elusive quality that it seems almost magical at times. Some people – my father was one of them in his acting days – can be put down in the middle of a stage with nothing to do, and they still manage to look perfectly at home. The American Dramatic soprano, […]

Feb. 11 2013

The Finnish Connection

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If ever proof was needed that musicians perform the music of their native countries with special insight, the Finnish conductor, Hannu Lintu, provided that proof with Sibelius’s 2nd Symphony this weekend. Also on the BSO program were Tchaikovsky’s Francesca da Rimini and Liszt’s Piano Concerto with soloist Stephen Hough (the reserve of the English pianist […]

Jan. 29 2013


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My first brush with John Waters was when I was reading up about Baltimore in the USA Rough Guide prior to moving here in 1998, and came across his quote: I would never want to live anywhere but Baltimore. You can look far and wide, but you’ll never discover a stranger city with such extreme […]

Oct. 08 2012


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  If you were one of the more than one thousand members who called during our fall fund drive, thank you, thank you for your financial support! I celebrated the end of the drive by going to hear Beethoven’s Erioica with the BSO on Saturday evening. Two debuts: the German violinist, Kolja Blacher, playing Schumann’s […]

Oct. 02 2012

Top 5

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WBJC’s web maestra, Diana Ross, has suggested that we blog about a Top 5 list of some kind, so here I go with my top 5 favorite instruments: Cello, because it sounds so luscious and sonorous. It has its limitations, to be sure—the cellists can’t stand for the National Anthem at the opening of the […]

Sep. 21 2012

Unspoiled by fame

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  This CD cover, with Gil Shaham on the left, exactly conjures up the eagerness and fervent communication that are so much a part of his gorgeous music making, and which I now know are just as vivid in person.  Every interview is special in its own way but I have to say that, of […]

Sep. 17 2012

Gotta run!

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I love running, but I don’t do a lot of races. Usually, I just pop out the door of our house, often accompanied by Jim, & make my way through various Baltimore neighborhoods. I’m not fast & probably never will be; burning calories & staying in shape are more important to me than winning medals. […]

Sep. 16 2012

A gala event

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Never mind Shakespeare’s play within a play in Hamlet, on Saturday night WBJC had a party within a party at the BSO’s Opening Gala. In a corner of the lavish tent adjacent to the Meyerhof, making a discreet rumpus, could be found Mark Malinowski wearing one of his signature bow ties and an unostentatious lapel […]