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Oct. 28 2014

Arts and Crafts in Washington

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            The 27th Annual Washington Craft Show is taking place this weekend. One of the participants, Stephany Greene, came in to talk about what’s in store.    

May. 12 2013

In our spare time… (part 2)

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Many of our WBJC volunteers knit or crochet, and we get to talking in Pledge Central about our hobbies.  Many of us bring along a project to show off, and we get to talking about our various fiber addictions interests. People are often surprised to find out that I also have a spinning wheel and […]

Jul. 12 2012

Mozart in Wool

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For those of you who’ve come in to volunteer during a fundraiser, it’s probably no big secret that I’m a Fiber Addict. That is to say: I love yarn and yarn related activities. I usually have my knitting with me back in Volunteer Central, but I also spin yarn on a spinning wheel, weave cloth […]