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Jul. 12 2012

Mozart in Wool

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | Comments Off on Mozart in Wool

For those of you who’ve come in to volunteer during a fundraiser, it’s probably no big secret that I’m a Fiber Addict. That is to say: I love yarn and yarn related activities. I usually have my knitting with me back in Volunteer Central, but I also spin yarn on a spinning wheel, weave cloth on a loom and dabble in various other yarn-related crafts like fiber prep and dyeing.  Mysteriously, crochet got left out of my repertoire (despite Kati’s best efforts to teach me!)

Recently, I picked up an archived copy of The Wheel, Ashford’s club magazine for fiber enthusiasts (my spinning wheel is an Ashford Traveller).  To my delight, I found an article from 2006 that celebrated the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth with… you guessed it: WOOL!

I promptly wrote to Elizabeth Ashford asking permission to share the article with our audience and she was glad to allow me to do so!  Turns out she’s a classical music fan herself.

These are all so clever! I think my favorite is the needle-felted Mozart doll. He seems so cuddly!  I wonder if Beethoven would seem less scowly rendered in felt?

I know we have several members who paint to the music, so I’m wondering how many of us crafty classical music lovers are there out there?  What inspires you?

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