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May. 12 2013

In our spare time… (part 2)

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | Comments Off on In our spare time… (part 2)

Many of our WBJC volunteers knit or crochet, and we get to talking in Pledge Central about our hobbies.  Many of us bring along a project to show off, and we get to talking about our various fiber addictions interests.

People are often surprised to find out that I also have a spinning wheel and a rigid heddle loom and that I also dye yarn… completely for the fun of it!

So I promised some of my fiber-inclined friends I post some fun pictures of what I did the weekend before the pledge drive:




This is from a Border Leister fleece from a local flock that’s been cleaned, carded and then I spun it into yarn.  I had Singleton Fiber Mill in Frederick, MD do most of the prep, but I’m hand carding before I spin.

After I spun up a pound and a half, I decided it was time to dye up a batch!







This is freshly washed, and ready to go into the dye bath.  Eventually, I’ll spin up the other 1.5lbs and dye it a second color… all in hopes of knitting a sweater for my husband.








I did a sample swatch…







This was going to be a love deep green…







But as you can see, I got a light, minty green with some dark splotches.  Ah well!  I’ll just have to over-dye this batch. Darn! 😉



Things like this are not an uncommon site on my porch



What fun things do you do that people might not suspect?


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