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Aug. 09 2014

WBJC Host Appearances at the Baltimore Summer Antique Show

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WBJC hosts will be at the 34th annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show! Stop by the WBJC Booth and say hello, chat with your favorite host, and enter a contest while you’re there! Thursday 8/21: Mark Malinowski – noon to 3pm Dyana Neal – 3pm to 6pm Kati Harrison – 6pm to 8pm Friday 8/22: Judith Krummeck – […]

Aug. 24 2013

Weekend Wanderings of an Antiques Lover

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This post is seriously pic-heavy, but loaded with vintage eye candy, so I hope you’ll read on. As the title may suggest, I’ve spent much of the past two days at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. I’ve seen almost the whole show at this point and plan to visit the rest of the vendors tomorrow […]

Aug. 21 2013

If You Have To Ask, You Probably Want To Learn Something

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The 33rd Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center this Thursday-Sunday. Once again, WBJC’s booth will be set up at the show so that members of our staff can meet and greet listeners who have a passion for gorgeous retro items as well as classical music. Some find antiques intimidating, […]

Aug. 27 2012

The Non-Thieving Magpie

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I did a little fantasy shopping at last weekend’s 32nd Annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, courtesy of my friends at J. S. Fearnley. Don’t I look as if I’m pledging allegiance to the bling? Neither of the Art Deco stunners I’m sporting here came home with me, but I had a blast “modeling” them for […]

Aug. 24 2012

I’m sneaky.

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Last night, Kati & I walked around the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show after her shift at WBJC’s booth ended. I wanted to introduce her to couple of dealers whose wares she might like, & we spent quite a bit of time chatting with Jo & Olly, two lovely British ladies from whom I bought a […]

Aug. 23 2012

Ooh, shiny! (Not a post about old jewelry. Really.)

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Yesterday, Berlin Iron, today, the Berlin Wall. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t only look at jewelry when I visit the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. Anything that catches my eye is fair game, & a whole booth full of large, shiny, official-looking optical instruments is bound to do just that. Last year, while strolling the […]

Aug. 22 2012

Iron deficiency? Click here!

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I’m feeling run-down. Do I need more iron in my diet, or my jewelry box? I think the latter, at least if the iron in question looks like the bracelets above! Yes, they are actually made of wrought iron – the same stuff as fences, garden furniture, & bridges. These pieces aren’t heavy, however; they’re […]

Aug. 21 2012

Pharmacist? Antiques fan? Check this out!

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  My dad is retired now, but he was a pharmacist for over 50 years, so of course I thought of him when I spotted the giant mortar & pestle pictured above at last year’s Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. This rather large piece is made of metal & once sat outside Pinehurst Pharmacy in Baltimore […]

Aug. 20 2012

It’s that time of year again!

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Macbeth closed yesterday & I’m feeling a bit of that post-show “crash” that comes every time a production ends. The performances went very well, we had such appreciative audiences, & the cast & crew really bonded. This was one of those experiences that reminds one why doing theater is worth all that rehearsal time, memorization, […]