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Aug. 24 2012

I’m sneaky.

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on I’m sneaky.

Last night, Kati & I walked around the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show after her shift at WBJC’s booth ended. I wanted to introduce her to couple of dealers whose wares she might like, & we spent quite a bit of time chatting with Jo & Olly, two lovely British ladies from whom I bought a Victorian sterling locket last year. As usual, they have lots of spectacular jewelry for sale, from a wide range of periods. Georgian cut steel, Edwardian paste, Deco diamonds, Midcentury modern sterling one of each, please. Oh, wait, I forgot about those pesky mortgage payments.

At this point, it’s uncertain whether anything from the show can or will come home with me, but I did find much to admire at Jo & Olly’s booth, especially an early 20th century paste necklace made by Lazarus, a British firm that specialized in such pieces. I tried it on, along with a number of other things, including a fantastic faux pearl & paste pendant shown in its original box. Then it hit me. I said to my companions: “Jim is a pushover for things in their original boxes. Quick, find a box for the paste necklace!” That got a laugh, but since Jim reads my blog regularly, I’ve just blown my cover by writing this post.

Speaking of original boxes, here’s a fabulous parure (set of various items of matching jewelry) that I spotted at last year’s show. Alas, not at Jo & Olly’s booth, & foolishly, I didn’t write down the dealer’s name, but this is just too gorgeous not to share with you. This parure is made of jet, & as such was probably intended as mourning jewelry. Circa 1860, from a shop on Regent Street in London. This couldn’t come home with me for financial reasons, so I took a pic.


I’m heading back to the show this afternoon & will be at WBJC’s booth (#2517) from 5-7pm if you’d like to stop by & say hello. For a complete schedule of which on-air personalities will be at the booth, please check my blog post from this Tuesday, 8/21. Hope to see you soon!

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