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Jun. 07 2016

In Stitches

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Two years ago, I got into historical reenacting and docent work. I owned a lot of vintage clothing at the time – still do – but nothing remotely appropriate for Georgian or Regency events. I found a couple of gowns that will just barely pass muster for the latter period (they have zippers! Quel dommage!) […]

Aug. 24 2012

I’m sneaky.

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Last night, Kati & I walked around the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show after her shift at WBJC’s booth ended. I wanted to introduce her to couple of dealers whose wares she might like, & we spent quite a bit of time chatting with Jo & Olly, two lovely British ladies from whom I bought a […]

Aug. 22 2012

Iron deficiency? Click here!

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I’m feeling run-down. Do I need more iron in my diet, or my jewelry box? I think the latter, at least if the iron in question looks like the bracelets above! Yes, they are actually made of wrought iron – the same stuff as fences, garden furniture, & bridges. These pieces aren’t heavy, however; they’re […]