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Aug. 21 2013

If You Have To Ask, You Probably Want To Learn Something

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on If You Have To Ask, You Probably Want To Learn Something

The 33rd Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center this Thursday-Sunday. Once again, WBJC’s booth will be set up at the show so that members of our staff can meet and greet listeners who have a passion for gorgeous retro items as well as classical music. Some find antiques intimidating, and I can’t say I blame them. There’s so much to learn, even within a particular specialty – china, glassware, furniture, or my personal obsession, jewelry – that it can take years to learn the intricacies of period style, manufacturers or designers’ names, and – very important! – how not to pay too much for an item or buy a fake. Even after nearly two decades of  spending quite a bit of time around dealers and collectors, I don’t consider myself an expert; perhaps an aficionada, but even that’s a pretty generous term.

In a way, antiques have a lot in common with classical music. You don’t need to know what  was going on in Brahms’ life when he composed his German Reqiuem in order to enjoy the piece. It’s perfectly fine to hear the music, think “Wow! That’s gorgeous!” and have that be the end of it. Same goes for old jewelry. Do you care that the vinaigrette (a pomander locket, folks, not a salad dressing) I’m wearing was made in the late 19th century and might once have hung on a chatelaine brooch alongside a mechanical pencil, notepad, sewing scissors, and other useful items? Perhaps. You may just prefer to say “Nice necklace!” and go on with your day.

Should you, however, hear an amazing piece of music or find yourself faced with an intriguing antique object and want to know more about the provenance of either, go ahead and ask! Most people in either business are more than happy to share their knowledge. The important thing is to appreciate beautiful things on whatever level(s) you wish to do so.

Jane Fletcher's booth at the 2008 Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

The above pic was taken at the 2008 Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, but it’s representative of what one might find in Jane Fletcher’s booth (among others!)

If you happen to attend this year’s Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, please stop by WBJC’s booth (#2417) and say hello to us. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes – this show is huge! Here’s a schedule of host appearances:

Thursday,  8/22:

Jonathan Palevsky, noon-3pm

Kati Harrison, 3-6pm

Friday, 8/23:

Jonathan Palevsky, 11am-2pm

Kati Harrison, 2-4pm

Dyana Neal, 4-7pm

Saturday, 8/24:

Jonathan Palevsky, 11am-1pm

Mark Malinowski, 3-5pm

Judith Krummeck, 5-7pm

Sunday, 8/25:

Jonathan Palevsky, 11am-1pm

Judith Krummeck, 1-3pm

Dyana Neal, 3-6pm


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