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Jan. 19 2018

Opera Goes to the Theater

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These days, it’s not at all uncommon for symphony orchestras or even opera companies to present musical theater works. However, the reverse – doing an opera – is a daring move for a theater company! Earlier this week, I spoke with Music Director Ben Shaver about Stillpointe Theatre’s current production of Leonard Bernstein’s “Trouble in […]

Sep. 27 2012

It Was a Good Summer

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  Does anyone ever get over the feelings of our childhood, when as school children we anticipated the arrival of our summer vacation with heart palpitating impatience, and greeted the inevitable return to classes in September with both wistful resistance and the thrill of new beginnings. As Joni Mitchell said in her song “Urge for Going”, […]

Jan. 23 2012

Three more nights of “girl food!”

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The staff at WBJC loves food, so we talk about cooking, eating, restaurants, etc. quite a bit. We also debate the merits of various culinary trends, share recipes, & joke about our dietary eccentricities. Jim is currently in rehearsal for Opera ACCC’s “Naughty Marietta”, which opens this Friday. I miss having him around in the […]