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Jan. 23 2012

Three more nights of “girl food!”

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Three more nights of “girl food!”

The staff at WBJC loves food, so we talk about cooking, eating, restaurants, etc. quite a bit. We also debate the merits of various culinary trends, share recipes, & joke about our dietary eccentricities.

Jim is currently in rehearsal for Opera ACCC’s “Naughty Marietta”, which opens this Friday. I miss having him around in the evenings, but there is one advantage to this situation: I can make dinners he’d hate. Bring on the “girl food”, including eggplant, cauliflower,  & tonight, artichoke hearts!

Not that Jim isn’t an adventurous eater – he is – but there are certain foods on which we have differences of opinion. I have a higher tolerance for spicy dishes than he does. He’s an omnivore; I’m pescetarian. He prefers milk chocolate, & I have to have dark – pretty much can’t eat the stuff if it’s under 70% cocoa. Artichoke hearts don’t please his palate at all, but I could eat bushels of them, so when I was searching for an interesting soup recipe to make tonight & came across one in which they’re the stars of the show, I was thrilled. It’s from the “Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special” cookbook, which gets a lot of use in our house. I’ll update this post with a review to let you know how it turns out.

Update: Wow! This stuff is amazing. I substituted edamame for peas (I prefer the flavor/texture of the former & they add more protein to the dish) & used 1 small can of salt-free tomatoes in place of the fresh ones called for. Even Jim said he might try it. Are all those late nights getting to him? My apologies for not posting the entire recipe, but with internet copyright issues so much in the news these days, I’m playing it safe. Besides, if you like soups & salads, I’d highly recommend adding this cookbook to your collection.


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