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Apr. 24 2016

The Nightmare… and Unrequited Love

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As I was running the operations shift for Reed Hessler’s Sunday show, I grabbed the CD case for Raff’s Symphony No 5. “Lenore” and saw the terrifying cover art. I was mesmerized by this creepy horse and flipped through the liner notes to see who had painted this. “The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli. What followed was me falling down (yet another) […]

Apr. 23 2014

On a Grand Scale

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                                  Maryland born artist, Joseph Sheppard, is exhibiting a collection of realist still life and landscape paintings, all of which measure at least one meter in each direction. A long time listener to WBJC, he came into the studios […]

Oct. 22 2012

Stolen Renoir

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews | 2 Comments

The theft of seven paintings by  Picasso, Monet and others from the Kunsthal Museum in Holland recently is the last in a long line of heists from art museums. Back in 1951, this little Renoir called Landscape on the Banks of the Seine was stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art.         […]

Oct. 02 2012

On Painting And Popcorn

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American artist Lennart Anderson will be giving a talk entitled “On Painting” at Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Campus on Wednesday, October 10th at 5:30pm in the Arellano Theater, Levering Hall. I recently spoke with Craig Hankin, director of JHU’s Homewoood Art Workshops, about Anderson’s art, the influence of Degas, and Jiffy-Pop popcorn. C. Hankin re: […]

Sep. 12 2012

What’s the difference between an amateur and a professional?

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A paycheck. Okay, that may not work as a joke, but it’s food for thought for all of us who love creating art of any kind. Some may think I’m oversimplifying in making such a statement, & perhaps I am, but please allow me to explain. The arts are in crisis these days. Over the […]

May. 29 2012

Uncorked: We’ll Drink To That!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 3 Comments

“It warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies.” – Ovid Jim & I love museums. We also enjoy wine, so when we learned that Winterthur was featuring an exhibition called “Uncorked! Wine, Objects, & Tradition”, we knew we’d have to pay a visit to Delaware. Our […]

Nov. 14 2011

Degas’s intimate dancers

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There are any number of reasons why Edgar Degas is a contender to be my favorite French Impressionist. For one thing, he was the most superb draftsman. Then there’s his subject matter, and the amount of time and talent he spent painting horses and ballet dancers – both exquisite creatures in their own ways. It […]