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Mar. 16 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery

By WBJC Programming | Posted in Staff Blogs | 3 Comments

2013-03-14_17-14-10_934This Emerson radio dates back to the late 1940’s. The cabinet was designed by the studios of Raymond Loewy, famed industrial designer.  Lowey was responsible for the design of the Shell Oil logo, Studebaker automobiles, Coca-cola products and the US postal service eagle logo.  It was quite unusual for a company like Emerson to build an entry level FM-only radio at a time when AM was king.  Unfortunately this radio does not perform as well most AM radios of its day.




click any of the pictures to view a full-sized shot


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3 Responses to Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery

  • Kati Harrison
    Kati Harrison says:

    Raymond Loewy’s designs are iconic for a reason. I love his combination of futuristic, angular designs with warm, rounded shapes. Beautiful radio, by the way! 😀

  • Robert Blackshaw says:

    Beautiful restoration, Gues I should have stuck to table radios, my Yamaha CR-3020 receiver weighs juust under 80 pounds.

    • Diana Ross
      Diana Ross says:

      Don’t feel bad, Bob’s got many cabinet radios holding up table radios. We certainly won’t run out of antique radios to take pictures of anytime soon!

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