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Jun. 15 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery 2

By Bob Lenio | Posted in Staff Blogs | 2 Comments

GE “Atomic 440” Radio 

Photo from RadioWorld magazine, can you spot the radio?

Photo from RadioWorld magazine, can you spot the radio?

From the “Atomic” design style of the 1950’s. I saw one of these radios in an old photo of WBJC’s transmitter site (actual picture!), so I had to have one!


This GE “Atomic 440” radio has seven tubes and a selenium rectifier. There is a phono input on the back.



GE “Atomic 440” Radio, click for larger picture

I was told that the dials on these are very impressive, when lit. The original dial light bulb was missing from this radio and my favorite parts store could not come up with a direct substitution.  Presently there is a neon bulb in its place. I think the original bulb would give a somewhat brighter glow with a different tint. Still not bad!


I had to replace most of the capacitors, the rectifier , and the loudspeaker. The FM reception is quite good by 1954 standards. The AM section needed a lot of work but now sounds great.



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Bob Lenio


Bob is WBJC's Chief Engineer. If you have a question about signal reception, equipment or the website streaming, you can contact Bob at blenio@bccc.edu or 410-580-5800.

2 Responses to Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery 2

  • Norman Seidelman says:

    Re finding parts for an Atomic 440 radio: The basement level of H&H Outfitters (1 block from Pratt library) on Franklin Ave has (had?) a section in the rear full of old radio gear (mostly military, though). I don’t know if that is still true, but it’s probably worth a visit (or call first)

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