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Feb. 02 2016

Writers & Words

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If you enjoy writers, writing, words, and maybe even and little wine, this is a Baltimore reading series for you. I spoke with two editors from the series.        

Mar. 09 2012


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I don’t remember ever hearing Lukas Foss on WBJC, and I know I have certainly never programmed him.  I knew of him only peripherally as an avant-garde American composer but closer inspection has him rubbing shoulders with many notable names and institutions.  He studied at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia with Fritz Reiner, amongst others. […]

Feb. 14 2012


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By “univocal” I’m not referring to a singular song but to a form of writing that is constrained by using just a single vowel, like “No cool monsoons blow soft on Oxford dons” (credit to the 19th century poet, C.C Bombaugh).  The best known contemporary example is by the Canadian poet, Christian Bök, who has […]