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Nov. 07 2017

Massenet’s quintessential French Romantic opera, “Werther”

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews | Comments Off on Massenet’s quintessential French Romantic opera, “Werther”

Baltmore Concert Opera is presenting one of the most beautiful, popular, and tragic examples of French Romantic opera, Jules Massenet’s Werther. Here is BCO’s Managing Director, Courtney Kalbacker.                      

Apr. 06 2012

Une Voyageuse Fabuleux

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Une Voyageuse Fabuleux

    The Charles Theater is presenting The Metropolitan Opera’s live HD broadcast of Massenet’s Manon tomorrow & I’ll be on hand to greet audience members, hand out “swag”, & enjoy the show. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, right? It gets better. Sara Stewart, a wonderful, talented woman who’s a member of […]