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Nov. 25 2012

Mass for troubled times

By Kati Harrison | Posted in Host Blogs, WBJC Choral Hour | Comments Off on Mass for troubled times

In his later years Franz Joseph Haydn personally enjoying great success and fame, but the world around him was in trouble.  In 1798 Haydn wrote Missa in Angustiis (“Mass for troubled times”) which may have been premiered the day Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon  in the Battle of the Nile.  This late mass would gradually be called […]

Mar. 17 2012

Seeing Green!

By Kati Harrison | Posted in Host Blogs, Vocalise | 2 Comments

Actually, we will be hearing Green on this St. Patrick’s Day Vocalise at 8:00 PM.  The prolific film and television composer and conductor Philip Green moved to Ireland towards the end of his career.  Falling for the people, country and music in a big way, Green wanted to pay personal tribute to Ireland with a […]