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Jul. 28 2016


By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews | Comments Off on Chainlines

    Chainlines are the widely spaced lines visible in the texture of hand-made laid paper, and Chainlines, LLC is the name of the company founded by Kristine Smets, one of a select group of Baltimore-based professional genealogists. She came in to talk to us about this intriguing science.      

Jul. 25 2012

Genealogy 101

By WBJC | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

This past March I wrote a blog entitled “Discovering Lancaster” about the trip my wife and I took last summer to Carlisle and Lancaster, Pennsylvania to research my family genealogy. As promised, I am returning with the first in a series of blogs about what we discovered. I wondered at first whether my family tree […]

Mar. 07 2012

Discovering Lancaster

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Last week, my wife and I watched a PBS documentary on the Amish, and it brought back memories of our trip last summer to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our journey was for genealogy research, since I have discovered in the past two years that I had ancestors who came to Lancaster and adjacent Cumberland Counties in the early […]