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Apr. 12 2016

Baltimore City’s Lit Festival

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The annual CityLit Festival, a highlight of the Baltimore literary scene, is taking place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th on various midtown campuses. I invited CityLit founder Gregg Wilhelm to come in and talk to us about it.  

Sep. 05 2014

Let Me See It

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                  James Magruder has been a translator, a dramaturg, a playwright, a teacher, and a fiction writer. He has just published his first collection of short stories, and came to talk about them …        

Sep. 16 2013

Play+work=plork & plorkology

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

The University of Baltimore’s new imprint, Plork Press, is excited to launch its first publication on October 3rd. It’s an anthology of stories, poems and essays, and each of the 150 copies is entirely hand made from start to finish. What is “plork” you may ask. Project leader, Meredith Purvis, explains …  

Nov. 27 2012

Paper vs. Electronic

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If you take the New York Times (as in subscribe to it or read it regularly) you may have noticed that the Book Review now includes a segment called By the Book, which features a Q&A with various writers. This week, it’s the American novelist and nonfiction writer, Anne Lamott, and my attention was caught […]

Nov. 11 2012

Oliver Stone’s Untold History

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Oliver Stone is no stranger to controversy. His trilogy of Vietnam war films, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Heaven & Earth; his take on the Kennedy assignation in JFK; the violence of Natural Born Killers; his “greed is good” indictment in Wall Street, his portrayal of Turkish people in Midnight Express, and […]

Oct. 18 2012

Top 5 – Books

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | Comments Off on Top 5 – Books

I like to consider myself an avid reader.  If I had to choose 5 books from my shelf to have while stranded on a deserted island (based on re-readability, love of characters/world/subject matter) , I’d choose: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Philip K. Dick Lord of the Rings/Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien Alice’s Adventures […]

Apr. 16 2012

Teju Cole’s Open City

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The Nigerian writer, Teju Cole, who was born in the US, grew up in Nigeria, and now lives in Brooklyn, visited the MFA Reading Program at the University of Baltimore recently, and we had the great privilege of having him visit our International Writing Workshop beforehand.  He is also a photographer and an art historian […]

Jan. 24 2012

Getting in on the conversation

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With “The Help” picking up four Oscar nominations today, I confess I’m only just catching up with this highly successful phenomenon.  I was certainly not one of those who contributed to its being on the New York Times best seller list for more than 100 weeks!  Having grown up under the egregious apartheid system in […]