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Jul. 25 2023

7-25-23 A Super Quick Summer Celebration!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on 7-25-23 A Super Quick Summer Celebration!

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Bonjour Mes Petits Amis!

Last Summer I had the distinct displeasure of getting COVID and being stranded in Italy!  It was insanely hot, fires were breaking out pretty much everywhere (including on my train route from Pisa to Florence) and I was unable to persuade my airline to actually get me home!  However, like all nightmares, this is all in the past and I am spending a perfectly tranquil Summer in Baltimore, vowing never to travel to Europe in the Summer again.  This does not prevent us from travelling virtually through music and I am offering up a podcast that I did back in the day for the Baltimore Symphony (sadly they are no longer on their website) of Emanuel Chabrier’s Espana.  It has everything you could possible want in a short mini masterpiece; Good themes, great orchestration and solid structure.  All you need to do is click and enjoy!




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