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Jonathan plays guitar and rides a bicycle, but not at the same time.

Greetings, I’m Jonathan Palevsky, Program Director here at WBJC. I have had the pleasure of working for the station since 1986 when I became a part-time announcer. I have been the station’s Program Director since 1990. I am originally from Montreal and came to Baltimore in 1982 to study classical guitar at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. I have hosted just about every conceivable time slot at WBJC, but can regularly be heard hosting the WBJC Opera Preview, our music review program Face the Music and the Music In Maryland.

My current off-air obsessions include cycling (mostly to work on the Brompton) skiing,  playing guitar and  hosting  Cinema Sundays at the Charles Theatre.

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recent posts:

  • 6-24-17 Face The Music Listings!

    This week our all star panel was Tuba Player Ed Goldstein from the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, Dave Donovan from Pratt Library Fine Arts and Phil Greenfield from The American Record Guide.  We loved the Puccini, liked the Mozart, Liked the Beethoven…the Bach not so much. PLAY DATE: Sat, 06/24/2017 5:00 PM 30431 Giacomo Puccini Madama […]

  • 6-24-17 Word On Wine 2 Austrians…Beauty and The Beast!

    I purchased both of these for about $13…more or less…The white was delicate and the red was a beast!  Austria continues to have wines with personality and value at the low end.  Here’s our show…Enjoy!  

  • 6-24-17 word on wine Rosé Proliferation!

    Many years ago I recall buying a bunch of rosé wines at a local shop and a fellow patron commented, “you like sweet stuff eh?”  Actually I do like sweet stuff but every bottle I was buying was dry as a bone…as most rosé is.  In past years our choices for rosé wines were rather […]