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May. 23 2020

5-23-20 Face The Music Listings!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Face the Music, Host Blogs | Comments Off on 5-23-20 Face The Music Listings!

Our amazing home panel this week was pianist Lisa Weiss, violist Victoria Chiang and conductor Jed Gaylin.  Lisa was on faculty for many years at Goucher College, Vicky is on faculty at Peabody and a member of the Aspen Trio and Jed is the conductor of the Bay Atlantic Orchestra and Hopkins Symphony.  As far as I’m concerned all are wonderful musicians and we had a great time and came out with a great show!

PLAY DATE: Sat, 05/23/2020
5:00 PM 228
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 41 in C K 551 “Jupiter” London 452889
COND Carlo Maria Giulini KAR loh Mar EE uh JOO lee nee
ORCH New Philharmonia Orchestra
27:45 C 1 5-8
5:15 PM 2932
Dmitri Shostakovich Viola Sonata Op 147 Melodiya 1000257
SOLO Daniel Shafran, cello DAHN-yell SHAHF-rahn
SOLO Anton Ginsburg, piano
29:49 C 1 7-9
5:30 PM 23537
Robert Schumann Variations on an Original Theme in E-FlaCBS/Sony 889854
SOLO Igor Levit, piano
11:26 C 1 3-3
5:45 PM 1768
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 22 in E-Flat K 482RCA/BMG 61698
COND Sir Colin Davis Sir Colin as in “Tom Collins” DAY vihs
ORCH English Chamber Orchestra
SOLO Alicia de Larrocha, piano Uh LEE thee uh DAY Luh ROH chuh
34:56 C 1 1-3

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