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Oct. 03 2020

Credit Cards and cancelled Drive

By WBJC Programming | Posted in Membership, WBJC News | Comments Off on Credit Cards and cancelled Drive

All of us here at WBJC appreciate and value your ongoing support of your classical music station.

But, we have to apologize to you.

WBJC lost the ability to process all credit cards on 9/30. The State of Maryland changed banks/credit card processors and our license holder, Baltimore City Community College, didn’t inform us early enough to line up an approved processor in time to meet this deadline. As of today, we have not found any suitable means to do anything other than hand-process charges. However, we do not have the staff or the COVID-safe facilities to hand-process several thousand charges.

What this means to you:

We are cancelling the October Quiet Drive altogether. We can’t ask donors to give online if there’s no means of processing a credit card. We hope to hold a combination Fall drive/Year-end campaign in late November or December.

Some of you are still waiting for Premiums from March and April. We haven’t forgotten you! We’re still trying to get them mailed! The BCCC mailroom is closed because of the pandemic. But we believe we have found a work-around with a private vendor. (If you see an orange Subaru chucking packages onto your porch, that’s Diana Ross, frustrated by this mess.) Again, we’re very sorry for the wait.

If you are a Sustainer, we cannot process your October (and probably November) Sustainer gifts. Once we have a new credit card processor in place and tested, we will contact you for your card information. If you would like to switch your sustainer pledge over to checks for a little while, you can send them to: WBJC-FM, PO Box 22342, Baltimore MD 21203-4342

Finally, this too shall pass. WBJC is strong and we will survive this inconvenience. We’re just embarrassed that we have to apologize so much where we’d normally beam with pride at our level of customer service. Members are our everything, our raison d’être…. You’re why we do what we do.

Be well,

All of us here at WBJC-FM


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