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Mar. 25 2020

Connecting through Radio

By Kati Harrison | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Connecting through Radio

I spoke/Facetimed with my mother recently who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My mother has lung issues, so she has to safeguard against the Corona Virus by physically isolating herself from all people. My brother who lives in Austin, Texas and I have been Facetiming almost every day with her. In spite of the situation, my mother says that she prefers the term, “Physical” distancing to “Social” distancing. She maintains that we can still be social without being physical which makes sense and seems less lonely.


The idea of physical/social distancing has made me think about how technology has been making this time on our planet a little more bearable, and radio is a part of it. As WBJC’s Judith Krummeck often mentions, radio is a strange animal, in that we announcers are in a room all by ourselves talking out loud to ourselves. Perhaps it’s a vivid imagination, but I always feel like there are people listening and that I am not alone when I’m on the radio. Growing up without TV in many places, home-schooled and traveling back and forth, radio was a constant companion and my friend. I am grateful for radio as a career, everyday companion, and as a source of connection to the many people who listen. Sometimes I will meet someone who says, “It’s nice to put a face with the voice.” I feel the exact same way about everyone who listens to WBJC. Take care, and thank you for the company.

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Kati is WBJC's Operations Director and weekend host. Her full bio can be read here.

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