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Apr. 11 2020

4-11-20 Music In Maryland Morgan State Choir!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Music In Maryland | 1 Comment

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I was looking for what to offer you this week on Music in Maryland.  Something uplifting for Easter Weekend would be nice.  Kati suggested to me that we re-run the show I did with Dr. Eric Conway and the Morgan State Choir from last Fall.  It’s a great idea!

Here is the text from my original posting.  Needless to say Dr. Conway isn’t in the studio…he’s home like the rest of us!  The choir is scheduled to sing Beethoven’s Ninth with the BSO in June.  I’m hoping for the best but not optimistic!  Let’s hope the fates prove me wrong and the concert takes place.

Whenever I hear the Morgan State Choir I am always impressed and delighted.  It has taken me forever to have the choir on Music in Maryland and that’s on me!  I am very grateful to their music director Eric Conway for providing me with some wonderful music and also coming in to do an interview.

For the second hour we featured The Morgan State Choir in selection from the 1970’s Black Composers Series.  Finally re-issued on CD last year.

PLAY DATE: Sat, 04/11/2020
7:00 PM 51514
Jose M.N. Garcia Requiem Mass CBS/Sony 62152
COND Paul Freeman
ORCH Helsinki Philharmonic
SOLO Doralene Davis, soprano
SOLO Betty Allen, mezzo soprano
SOLO William Brown, tenor
SOLO Matti Tuloisela, bass
SOLO Morgan State College Choir
35:43 C 5 1-8
7:38 PM 11002
William Grant Still Sahdji (Ballet for orchestra & chorus) CBS/Sony 62152
COND Paul Freeman
ORCH London Symphony Orchestra
SOLO Morgan State College Choir
20:40 C 1 1-1


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