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Nov. 27 2019

11-11-19 Word On Wine Quebecois Cocktails!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 11-11-19 Word On Wine Quebecois Cocktails!

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This week I made two cocktails for Mary inspired by booze from La Belle Province.  Don’t worry about substitutions with more local products, it’s going to work out fine.

Cocktail 1 was called The Norman Conquest and was named for the late and truly great opera singer Jessye Norman.  Shortly after her death I was discussing with friends how much her singing meant to us and we all agreed a drink would be a good idea.

1 shot Ungava Gin.  (Any good floral gin will do!)

1/2 shot Casa Marisol Vermut

Lime Juice


Mix shake well and adjust to taste!


Cocktail 2 was an Old and New World Fashioned!  Something to warm your heart and the rest of you.  This would probably be enough for two people or a whole evening!

1/2 shot Apple Brandy from Quebec (Michel Jodoin)

1/2 shot Brandy

1/2 shot Bourbon

1 shot Gran Marnier


Orange to garnish…

Sugar Optional!

Here’s the show…Enjoy.



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