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Mar. 21 2018

Wednesday 03-21-18 CARNEGIE HALL LIVE!

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11:00 PM



Performers:                              Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XXI

Yurdal Tokcan, Oud

Dimitri Psonis, Santur and Morisca

Hakan Güngor, Kanun

Haïg Sakuroujandian, Duduk and Belul

Orthodox-Byzantine Vocal Ensemble

Panagiotis Neochoritis, Director

Soloists of La Capella Reial de Catalunya

Le Concert des Nations

Guest Host:                             John Schaefer

Conductor:                              Jordi Savall, Director


ANON.:                                  “Calling of the Bells”

ANON.:                                  Fanfare

DAMASKINOS:                    “Alleluya”

ANON.:                                  “Erotókritos”

MARCABRU:                        “Pax in nomine Domini!”

ANON.:                                  “Dance of the Soul”

ANON.:                                  “Ton despóti”

ANON.:                                  Song and Dance

ANON.:                                  “O totius Asie Gloria”

ANON.:                                  “Pásan tin elpída mu”

ANON.:                                  “Chiave, chiave”

MOZARABIC PRAYER:     “Penitentes orate”

ANON.:                                  “Tin deisin mou dexai tin penichra”

ANON.:                                  Ottoman Nikriz March

DUFAY:                                 “Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae”

JANEQUIN:                           “La bataille de Marignan” from Escoutez tous gentilz

ANON.:                                  Psalm 137:”Al nàhärót bavél” (“By the rivers of Babylon”) (arr. S. Rossi)

WILLAERT:                          “Vecchie letrose” from Canzone villanesche alla napolitana

KLADAS:                              “Géfsasthe ke ídete”

GOUDIMEL/LOBWASSER:           Psalm 35: “Ficht wieder meine Anfechter”

ANON.:                                  “Laïla Djân”

MONTEVERDI:                    Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

VIVALDI:                              “Di queste selve venite o Numi,” from La Senna festeggiante, RV 693

MOZART:                              Alla Turca from Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 (arr. Jordi Savall)

BYZANTIOS:                        Kratemata

MARCHANT:                        “Nous sommes tous égaux” (arr. Jordi Savall)

HASSE:                                  “Per quel bel viso” (arr. Jordi Savall)

HASSE:                                  “Mia cara Anzoletta” (arr. Jordi Savall)

BORDÈSE:                            La Sainte Ligue: La nuit est sombre (arr. Jordi Savall)


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