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Mar. 03 2018

3-3-18 Music In Maryland Some Great Local Stuff!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Music In Maryland | Comments Off on 3-3-18 Music In Maryland Some Great Local Stuff!

Earlier today I had the pleasure of re-running a Face The Music with clarinetists Robert DiLutis and David Drosinos.  I haven’t played David’s recording of the Sowash Concerto in a while and it’s a lovely piece.  I think Alon Goldstein has a local  connection to Baltimore and certainly the Fine Arts Quartet does with their first violinist Ralph Evans living in Baltimore.  I am a big fan of Phil Snedicor’s arrangements of just about anything so why not Carmina Burana…A little vintage BSO rounds things out!

PLAY DATE: Sat, 03/03/2018
6:00 PM 48814
Rick Sowash Clarinet Concerto Marquis 14232
COND Vladimir Lande
ORCH Saint Petersburg Symphony Orch
SOLO David Drosinos, clarinet
30:19 C 1 1-3
6:31 PM 129
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 in d K 466 Naxos 573398
ORCH Fine Arts Quartet
SOLO Alon Goldstein, piano
30:29 C 1 1-3
7:03 PM 159
Carl Orff Carmina Burana WarnerClas 287612
COND Milton Stevens
ORCH Washington Symphonic Brass
40:38 C 1 1-16
7:45 PM 6744
Hugo Alfven Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 Op 19 “MidsummerVox/MMG 9006
COND Sergiu Comissiona SAIR joo KOH miss ee oh nuh
ORCH Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
12:39 C 1 7-7

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