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Mar. 08 2017

Wednesday 03-08-17 Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts

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11:00 PM

Performed by: Gili Schwarzman, flute (1,4)
Gergana Gergova, violin (1)
Ulrich Knörzer, viola (1,5)
Alban Gerhardt, cello (1,5)
Guy Braunstein, violin (2,6,7)
Mor Biron, bassoon (2,4,5,6,7)
Ohad Ben-Ari, piano (2)
Arp Quartet (3)
Chen Halevi, clarinet (4,5)
Chezy Nir, horn (4,5)
Rosanne Philippens, violin (5)
Matthias Botzet, double bass (5)

Host: Rick Fulker

Part One:
(1) MOZART: Flute quartet in A Major, K. 298 (10:45)
(2) POULENC: Trio – version for violin, bassoon and piano (13:03)
(3) JANÁ?EK: String quartet No. 2 (Intimate Letters) (24:18)
Part Two:
(4) ROSSINI: Wind Quartet No. 1 in F Major for flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon (11:39)
(5) FRANCAIX: Octet for clarinet, horn, bassoon and strings (20:55)
(6) CHAUSSON: Poème * (14:18)
(7) BLOCH: Nigun * (05:23)

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