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Mar. 27 2016

Music From Westerns 3-27-16

By Kati Harrison | Posted in Host Blogs, Music From Movies | Comments Off on Music From Westerns 3-27-16

7:00 PM
Elmer Bernstein               The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme       Koch Intl. 7604
COND James Sedares
ORCH Phoenix Symphony

7:04 PM
Dmitri Tiomkin                Red River: River Crossing               Silva      1061
COND Nic Raine
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic

7:07 PM
Max Steiner                   The Searchers: Suite from the Film      Silva      5006
COND Paul Bateman
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic

7:15 PM
Clint Eastwood                Unforgiven: Claudia’s Theme             Silva      5006
COND Derek Wadsworth
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic

Unforgiven 1










7:21 PM
Ennio Morricone               A Fistful of Dollars: Main Theme        Silva      1057
COND Paul Bateman
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic

7:24 PM           Big Country
Jerome Moross                 The Big Country: Music from the Film    Silva      1048
COND Tony Bremner
ORCH Philharmonia Orchestra


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