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Aug. 25 2016

8-25-16 Word On Wine…Wine Apps!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 8-25-16 Word On Wine…Wine Apps!


A few weeks ago my brother Murray turned me on to a wine scanning App called Vivino.  https://www.vivino.com/


I downloaded it onto my Iphone and it worked pretty well…It enabled you to take a picture of a bottle and then it would compare that to its data base.  Sometimes it worked really well and sometimes not so much.  Either way it was fun and I can only imagine that Vivino and various apps like it are here to stay.  We have so much power and information in our cell phones, why shouldn’t it apply to wine!

Here’s our show.  Enjoy!

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Jonathan is WBJC's Program Director and host of many WBJC programs. His full bio can be read here.

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