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Aug. 01 2016

8-1-16 -16 Word On Wine Viognier & Pinotage!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 8-1-16 -16 Word On Wine Viognier & Pinotage!

This morning Kati Harrison is sitting in for Mary Zajac.  Both of these wines were winners in their own way.  Both were around $15.


1)2014 Nicolas Perrin Viognier.  This was bottled by the Perrin Family for the house of Nicolas Perrin.  (I don’t quite know why that matters but they put it on the bottle.  My impression is that a large percentage of people living in the Rhone are named Perrin!)  Meanwhile this was a partnership between the Perrin Family from the Southern Rhone and Nicolas Jaboulet from the Northern Rhone.  This was a very opulent and fruit forward big Viognier.  If you like lots of melon and kiwi in your wine this would be for you.  If you like acid…look elsewhere!


2014 Southern Right Pinotage.  From the Hemel-En-Aarde Valley in South Africa.  (About as far south as you can go!)  Pinotage is a combination of Pinot Noir and Cinsault (called Hermitage in South Africa back in the day)  It has a reputation for burnt rubber and bad behavior.  This wine is nothing like that at all.  Both Kati and I love this wine and have sampled it often with a wide variety of foods and nothing.  It’s medium bodied, smooth and well balanced.  You can’t go wrong.

Here’s our show…Enjoy.

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