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Aug. 06 2015

8-6-15 Word On Wine Summer Cocktails 2015!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 8-6-15 Word On Wine Summer Cocktails 2015!

This week Mary and I talk about 4 Summer cocktails we are enjoying.  Here are the recipes!  These are really great…they just need names!

1)The Lisa!  A bottle of Rose.  A bit of soda.  Some Aperol.  Garnish with strawberries!

2)The Barcelona!  Casa Mariol or other high quality Spanish sweet vermouth.  Lemon Lime or Orange juice and its accompanying fruit.  Olive juice and some olives.  Lots of ice shake or stir!

3)The Olde Hamilton.  Muddle slice of Orange and bitters.  Rye (yum) and Ginger beer…lots of ice.

4)The Sidecar.  (An oldy but a goody)  Equal parts Brandy (I would also use rye…or my absolute favorite for cocktails Crown Royal) Lemon Juice (Lime in a pinch) and Cointreau or Triple Sec.  Lots of ice and shake!

Here’s our show…Now go thou and mix.

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