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May. 19 2015

5-19-15 Word On Wine 2 From Ucles…The Sheep of La Mancha!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 5-19-15 Word On Wine 2 From Ucles…The Sheep of La Mancha!

Finally the last of our pre-WBJC Italian trip reviews is posted.  My guilt is slowly subsiding.  This week we reviews two wines from the Ucles region of La Mancha.  Both the red and white were called Mesta.  Both had sheep on them which delighted Mary the knitter.

1)Mesta Verdejo.  $11  100% Verdejo.  Rich Round and somewhat tropical with enough acid to go around.  Would be great for porch sipping or also as a base for Sangria.


2)Mesta Termpranillo.  $11.  100% Tempranillo.  Not too heavy and great for the grill…especially for sheep!


Here is our show!  Enjoy…meh.

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