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Mar. 20 2015

3-23-15 Word On Wine Review…Mass Market Brands!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | No Comments

Sometimes you find yourself in a place that has very limited selection in terms of wine and all there is are various mass market brands.  Mary decided to try two whites this week and two reds next week.

1)2013 Joel Gott  Un-oaked Chardonnay.  Sourced from grapes in Napa, Sonoma and Monterrey.   Drinkable but unremarkable.

2)2013 Murphy Good The Fume.  Better than the Chardonnay and good in a pinch!

Check out our show for a detailed review.


Jonathan is WBJC's Program Director and host of many WBJC programs. His full bio can be read here.

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