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Sep. 27 2013

The help we get during fund drive time!

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Yes, WBJC needs to do fund drives to raise the money needed to keep playing classical music and opera each day of the year.  Our members and underwriters ensure we remain viable and healthy enough  to keep the wolves from the door.  But, there are many others who help us fulfill our mission.

Volunteers come into our offices at the break of dawn, before 6 a.m. when it’s still dark outside, and cheerfully take pledges from listeners over the phone.  Even more leave well after sunset.  Some even do  tedious work, like filing.  We fill four shifts over four days – dedicated and so very helpful volunteers, of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicity.  Can we ever give thanks enough to these true fans and supporters of WBJC?  I think not.

Our food donors help us feed our volunteers and staff – everybody hard at work over these four long days.  Party Plus of Cockeysville and Columphoto 2bia provides us the tables from which our volunteers toil.  Executive Coffee Service fuels our need for caffeine.  Mountain Valley Water Company provides us the stuff that helps sustain life.  Baked goods and sweet treats are always from Goldman’s Kosher Bakery, our neighbors and long-time supporters.

Breakfasts come from The Omelette King; Cafe Hon; Glenmore Caterers; La Prima Catering and Dangerously Delicious Pies (quiches).  Lunch was provided by: Cruisin’ Cafe; Eddies of Roland Park; Suburban House Restaurant and Honeybaked Ham Company and Cafe.  We’ve all enjoyed bountiful dinners courtesy of Papa Leone’s Spaghetti House; Embassy Suites of Hunt Valley; Orchard Market and Cafe (Persian!) and Mr. Charles Market and Catering.  Giant Supermarkets provided gift cards so we could purchase tablecloths, cups, ice and miscellany.      

No getting around how important these fund drives become.  It’s about fulfilling our ultimate mission of providing classical music and opera programming on the radio all the while giving arts organizations a place to promote their events.  You may know the names of the announcers you hear every day of the year, but you should also appreciate, like we do, the many, many behind the scenes workers, mostly volunteers, who make it all possible.  A simple “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be photo 4enough.

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