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Aug. 12 2013

Hooray for new food!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Hooray for new food!

No, I don’t mean fashion-conscious dishes with ingredient lists that read like some sort of perverse culinary nightmare. (A few months ago, I read a review of  a recently-revamped restaurant whose new menu includes fried oysters with a strawberry jam dipping sauce. Shudder!) Creativity in the kitchen is all well and good, and every recipe was new at some point in history, but c’mon, folks, food should be tasty, not trendy.

This past weekend, I experienced a food that, while very traditional in the Southern U.S., was completely new to my palate: fried green tomatoes. Oh, my.

fried green tomatoes

I’d heard of fried green tomatoes, of course, and saw the eponymous movie many times on cable back in the early 90’s. They always sounded delicious, especially since I practically consider tomatoes a food group. Still, when I placed my breakfast sandwich order at Blacksauce Kitchen’s Waverly Farmers’ Market stall last Saturday, I had no idea what I was getting my taste buds into. The sandwich consisted of two good-sized fried green tomato slices served on an enormous buttermilk biscuit. Since I’m not a fan of sweet-savory combinations and wanted to experience the fried green tomatoes unadulterated, I had the chef leave off the tomato jam even though he raised an eyebrow at my request. The result was one of the most carb-o-licious meals I have ever tasted. My sandwich was so thick that I had to eat it open-faced, but the biscuit was perfect (as always; I’ve been a Blacksauce Kitchen fan for a while) and the fried green tomatoes were like nothing I’d ever tasted. Firm, slightly crispy on the outside, and with a slight citrus tang, they went perfectly with the biscuit, yet would have been delicious on their own. I’m hooked. Fortunately for my waistline, Blacksauce’s menu changes weekly. Otherwise, I’d have to start working out 3 hours a day!

Have you discovered any great “new” foods lately?

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