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Oct. 17 2013

10-17-13 Word On Wine ‘Save Sangiovese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | 1 Comment

I have always enjoyed wines made with the Sangiovese grape whether they be Super Tuscans or Chianti Classicos.  However,  Sangiovese has an image problem with some wine drinkers who believe it to be thin, tannic and acidic!  I know…Shocking!  Truthfully, when Mary and I were growing up there were some pretty lame Chiantis made of Sangiovese which tasted thin, tannic and acidic.  There are also some producers who make low quality Sangiovese to this very day…BUT there are also tons of amazing wines made with this fabulous noble grape.  So…If you are a Sangiovese hater, could it be time to give Sangiovese another chance…We think so.

This chat was inspired by a talk I had with Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi from Bibbiano, a very fine Chianti Classico producer.  If you are looking for some very fine wine made with Sangiovese Bibbiano would be a very good place to start.  In a few weeks I will air the interview that we did together.  It provided a fascinating look into wine making in Tuscany.

Meanwhile…check out our show!

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