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Apr. 09 2012

04/09/12 – Word on Wine Review – Riesling in a Box and Champagne

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Word on Wine | No Comments

Box Wine!  Makes some people shudder!  Where’s the romance.  Where’s the sex, Where’s the cork!  Granted there is some pretty scary box wine out there…However, Mary and I reviewed the 2009 Wurtz (please add an umlaut) Dry Riesling…three liters in a box for a mere #26.50!  Such a bargain!  First off the wine stays very fresh for a very long time because the bladder inside the box allows very little air.  Second this is a perfectly decent Riesling which makes a great hauswein!

Mary tasted the Roederer Non Vintage Brut Champagne and didn’t invite me over.  From what I can tell she and her husband Kevin had a fabulous time.  $40 for the privilege but worth it.   I stayed home with my box wine and sour grapes!  Harumph!

WBJC Word on Wine 040912


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