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Mar. 05 2012

Lotta Art Is Back!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews | Comments Off on Lotta Art Is Back!

WBJC is thoroughly proud to be the media sponsor for this year’s Lotta Art.  I have been attending Lotta Art for Years and I think it is the most exciting fundraiser in Baltimore.  Lotta Art Supports School 33 which is a wonderful Baltimore City art education program.  What is remarkable about Lotta Art is that everyone who buys an art ticket goes home with a piece of art!  The piece of art you end up with is determined by a lottery (hence the title) and whomever is picked first gets first choice…consequently whomever is picked last gets what is left!  However, since people’s taste in art is so subjective and so different (ie. beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder) everyone goes home happy.  I counted last night and I have 8 Lotta Art pieces in my home and I love them all!  I am thrilled to be be the emcee for the event and can’t wait to see who gets what!  In addition to the art madness that occurs Lotta Art is a great party…copious food and drink and located in Silo Point…a lovely part of town.  Hope you can make it…Here is a link to School 33 for more information…You can also click on the link below to hear an interview I did with exhibit coordinator Rene Trevino.



Rene Trevino On This Year’s Lotta Art.


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