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May. 05 2012

05/05/12 Beethoven Piano Sonatas Project Begins Today!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in WBJC News, WBJC Programs | 1 Comment

It’s hard to believe that this series of programs are actually going to see the light of day!  About two years ago I had the idea that I wanted to do some more projects with Peabody.  The project that most attractive to me was the Beethoven Piano Sonata Marathon,which would be performed by seven students of Leon Fleisher.  In one day all 32 sonatas would be performed and may I add performed pretty brilliantly!  The next task was to figure out how these performances could be made into radio programs.  I knew one thing…I knew I wanted Ray Sprenkle as my co-host.  Ray Sprenkle understands music better than almost anyone I know and can also explain the most complex concepts to just about anyone.  Truthfully the project dragged on and on and at various points I lost interest in it.  However, like so many things that are ultimately worth doing, it was completed and was worth the enormous amounts of time spent.

The first and second programs examine the first style period.  The third program the second or heroic period and the fourth Beethoven’s ethereal final sonatas.   I hope you like it.  The remaining programs will air Saturdays in May at 6 pm.

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